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A big, warm hello!

How is life in your part of the world? We are experiencing a mild winter season here and getting stuck into work. Stephen’s work has been writing, with the recent release of “You Deserve the Love of God” and future projects underway. With international travel restricted more Youtube recordings, webcasts, Zoom and Skype talks have eventuated.

We are writing to you as we are considering what is appropriate with funds from a ‘Give-a-little’ fundraiser in March this year. Our desire is to use this money to travel as a family to Canada and beyond, to connect with communities of the Church and go where we have opportunities to. We were going to go in May and just before we booked tickets, God led us to wait for two days. Then New Zealand was in lockdown and international flights stopped. Travelling is not viable right now and we don’t know when it will be.

We are also compelled to go and look for a property, which we can use as a home base and can set up as a modern-day monastery/community. Our interests include seeing the physical expression of God’s spirituality, providing space and home for our current and future friends who are alone, and simply having a place to live as a family.

As it could be some time before we can travel, we’d like to ask those of you who donated to our fundraiser if you’d like your money back. Please email us and get in contact if you feel this is what is right for you. Any money that remains with us will be kept for the original purpose of travelling overseas.

May you know that God is with you this week.

With lots of love from us.

Stephen, Becky, Jacob and Jessie.

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