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Hello all our dear friends

It has been a long while since we have been in contact with some of you. We just want to reach out to you, hoping that you are doing well in these challenging times.

The new year has brought new plans for us. Whilst we are still here in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, New Zealand (with the kids at local school, where Becky also works part-time; and Stephen working all the hours at the Port of Tauranga) we have felt inspired by God to move to Northern Ireland.

We hope that this will come about later in 2022. We are slowly processing through everything to take us in that direction.

The age that Jacob and Jessie are at, it seems important to us to give them more formative experiences and for them to experience Stephen’s family and context - the other place they have roots in.

Long before this decision was made, we have been praying about Stephen getting opportunities to write again. To be honest we do not know if this will be what Stephen will be doing or if another job will be required, but we know this is what we want.

For now we are supporting a small local church congregation helping with some sung worship and teaching.

We’d love you to join us in praying for our current work situations, and for favour as we plan and activate moving to Belfast.

Please keep in contact - share what’s happening with you - we love the connection.

Thank you for being with us on our adventure.

Love and blessings

Stephen, Becky, Jacob and Jessie

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