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Dear friends and family


We have been living in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty over two years now. During that time we have found ourselves involved with local church in supporting this small community. Our kids have been doing well at school, we have committed ourselves to local community, providing meals etc. reaching out in love to the needy as the Spirit leads. Stephen has also preached in the local church, and did some teaching series, as well as speaking at the church weekend. There have also been some trips overseas to minister and to attend the Fatherheart Ministries Summit in Maryland, US.

The life we have had here during that time has seen significant periods of God’s grace helping us. It has also been made possible by your support. Your support of prayer, practical help and financial help has meant income, choices, connection and encouragement. We really want to say from our hearts - Thank You!

The last 2 years have also seen the release of two books as well as more free resources online, such as recordings and blog posts. More of this is in the pipeline.


We are moving on a big step of faith…moving out of New Zealand for a while…

Relationships in Calgary with UChurch led by Brant and Jen Reding, as well as our own sense of being led to different communities overseas, mean that we are planning on travelling as a family this year. This will require risk and steps of faith, much prayer and lots of practical steps such as travel, accommodation, furthering establishing relationships and stepping into the unknown. At least we have our passports sorted!!

Later we will hope to visit Stephen’s family in Belfast. We may spend a longer time in Europe if clear doors open through relationships. We are interested in corresponding with anyone who resonates with this.

This is the first time Becky has felt a go-ahead for travelling overseas. For us this means that Father is opening up a way forward for us a family.

If you want to help make this possible, read on….


We have an immediate goal to raise 12,000 to book flights within the next 2 weeks. To donate here is the link to our funding page:


We are also interested in correspondence about opportunities in Europe so please contact us via shill700@gmail.com

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