• Stephen Hill

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!

Incarnation Hymn

Come, hear the heavenly company proclaim

The sweetest mystery the universe has known

Creator God, Ancient of Days His name

His fullness wrapped in flesh, in weakness born.

Here on this eve, this holiest of nights

Seraphim and cherubim eloquently tell

Glory of bright glories, joy of all ecstasy

Coined in those words, ‘with us’ – Immanuel!

What consummation, fullness of all these years

Your holy ones in hope had lifted weeping eyes

Prophets foretelling, vision of the seers

Glad realisation, in the manger lies

Join heaven and earth, let men with angels sing

Light of the nations, hope of Israel

Both rich and poor salute the newborn King

Our God is here with us: Immanuel!

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