• Stephen Hill


God is the Author of desire.

Out of His desire the universe was born.

Out of His desire all stars,

galaxies, supernovas and black holes were made.

Out of His desire the earth was made,

spinning on its axis,

swinging round the sun.

The oceans, teeming with life,

the flora, the fauna, the fish,

the birds and the animals.

Desire is at the heart of creativity.

Desire is at the heart of redemption and renewal.

Out of His desire man and woman

came and were formed in desire.

Out of their desire came children.

And the Anti-Desire conspired against the children of desire

and whispered

“Do not desire, but acquire; seek power and knowledge”.

But out of His desire

covenant was formed,

agreement in blood,

promise, and commitment.

Desire written on the hearts of all.

Burning desire to all

incarnated in the longing of all longing.

Touchable, seeable, knowable.

Jesus the Christ who said

“Ask whatever you desire and it shall be given to you”

The passion of such desire

was to lead to sacrifice and suffering

the heart of the story

of redemption through suffering,

hope in the midst of pain,

light out of darkness.

Surely death and resurrection is the heart of the message.

The flowing of the desire of God

from Alpha point back to Omega point

from beginning to end

and back to never ending


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