• Stephen Hill


To our dear friends

Thank you for being so supportive of us, our family and who we are.


Much has been happening over our (New Zealand) winter period:

  • Our free e book, Entering Into Promise and Inheritance, has been well received. Due to popular demand for a print version of this, we are working towards having one available in the near future.

  • In July, Stephen travelled to Nagaland, India, to speak at a School of Sonship, in Kohima, followed by speaking at an Earthcare School, run by Rob and Jenny Blakely. This was a wonderful time, in a wonderful place, with wonderful people. We hope that a new and effectual door has been opened in Nagaland for more visits in the future.

  • Stephen also attended the Fatherheart Ministries Summit in Maryland, USA, in September. It was wonderful to connect with spiritual family.

  • Stephen has also done more speaking in New Zealand, both with Fatherheart Ministries and with the local church.

  • In November, Stephen will be speaking for a week at the Inheriting the Nations School on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.


Some months ago Holy Spirit started showing us about this new season ahead. We sensed that there will be a period of approximately a year where Stephen will be at home more and involved in something different and new.

The timing of this new season has been confirmed in part by Stephen not receiving any overseas invitations to speak for at least the first half of 2020.

We have now entered this new phase and are working towards some new creative ideas and products that are a collaboration of both Stephen and Becky and other artists/contributors/creatives. Please pray that we will be strengthened and resourced to see our vision come to reality.


For those that have stopped supporting us financially we thank you for your support and bless you in your work and family.

We continue to depend on our spiritual family for support, relationship and funds. If you feel in your heart to give to us, either regularly or as a one-off, please contact us by email at shill700@gmail.com


  • Stephen’s Dad died on 26th August 2019. He was 86 and the family were expecting this. We grieve but we also rejoice as those who have hope! The home-going of John Houston “Jack” Hill was very peaceful and, indeed, has proved to be very redemptive for the Hill family. God is good!

  • Jacob and Jessie continue to thrive, and are both doing really well in life and at school. We enjoy them immensely!

That is it for now, folks! Keep an eye on our website www.ancientfuture.co.nz for new material coming. We love you all!

With love

Stephen and Becky Hill, with Jacob and Jessie :)

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