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Living beyond the opened door

I wrote yesterday about hitting a wall and seeing the opened door. I feel that I need to write a little bit more on this.

When we receive a new revelation or a shift of paradigm it opens up a whole new space to live in. This has happened throughout the history of the Church.

When Jesus died on the cross the veil of the temple was ripped open from the top to the bottom. From God's side heaven is fully open.

Not long after the days of the apostles veils of darkness descended again and the Church lived in massively limited revelation. In the time of the Reformation a door opened in heaven; the eternal truth that justification is by faith became a reality that people could step into. Then the reality of the baptism and power of the Spirit opened up another door; many people have stepped through it and begun to live in the experience (to some extent) of that opening.

The revelation of the Father's love and of our identity as His sons and daughters is a door opening in heaven. The limitations of the old paradigm (orphan-spirited Christianity) have been exposed, but there is a door of love to step through into the realm of belovedness and sonship.

The thing is: You can see and door and look through it to what lies beyond, but it is going to require faith to live there more permanently. You cannot live on the one side and be satisfied with just seeing what is on the other side. By faith you need to step through the door. Experiencing the substance of the Father's love propels us through the door.

Once we are through the door it is wonderful, but then some challenges arise. Why? The challenges arise because we need expanded faith to live in the place beyond the door. The faith for servanthood and for a 'Christianity minus sonship' will not work in the new environment.

Having difficulty does not mean you have regressed; it means, rather, that you have progressed but you also need the accompanying faith to live in the new environment.

There may be more on this soon...

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