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Christ ['s] Church - Promise and Inheritance

Last weekend I was in Christchurch (New Zealand). I was invited to do a seminar there. I spoke on "Entering Into Promise and Inheritance.'

When I had finished a young woman gave me this poem that she had written while I had been speaking. It is an excellent synopsis of everything I had been talking about.

OUR PROMISED INHERITANCE - by Madeline Bay 16 June 2018

We take our inheritance by the sole of our foot

One step at a time, our faith in You put

Not looking down on these days of small things

Each little step deeper levels of freedom it brings.

Freedom from fear of getting it wrong

For Father, You’re there parenting all along

You are loving us here, right where we are

But this love guarantees You’ll move us afar.

Your love gives us grace to make our own choice

To go chase the giants and seek out Your voice

And if we make a mistake and begin to fall

We can run to Your bosom and You’ll take it all.

We need not be ashamed to hide in Your chest

It is in the perfect depths of Your love we find our rest

You let us hide there until our pursuers are gone

Bask in comfort ’til our crown of sonship is firmly on.

This sonship is not by striving, power or might

Through it you reduce us to something bigger and bring us to life

You strip away all of our crap and our leaves

In us Your incarnate glory is manifest as the waters recede.

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