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Hello again!! How have you been? :)

The last six weeks have been busy; I have not had the chance to do much writing. Here is what I have been up to:

Inheriting the Nations School

I have been at the Inheriting the Nations School on Great Barrier Island, speaking to a very open group of people. This time, I developed my theme of entering into promise and inheritance, drawing spiritual jewels from the book of Joshua. Very intentionally, I did not focus on healing.

My purpose was to call forth the new creation, already emerging within us.

If we always focus on what is wrong with us, we will not recognise that there is, in us and all around, a new creation. When we see this, we can have confidence to take steps into new life, and live out the eternal life that resides within our spirits.

Philippines ministry

Then I went to the Philippines, where I met with Richard and Nia Jones. We were speaking at a Fatherheart Ministries (of whom we are part) ‘Growing in Sonship’ School. The quality of this school was high, and consistent with the mandate given to Fatherheart Ministries.

I experienced significant favour on the trip. Since returning, I feel the tangible presence of God inside me. I feel as if I have eaten more of God. I have drunk more of His Spirit. I feel physically full of the presence of God.

This was my second time in the Philippines. I feel very relaxed there. Filipino humour is very, very similar to Irish humour. So it is enjoyable for me to be there.

What did I observe spiritually when I was there?

There is an ‘effectual door’ (1 Corinthians 16:9) open to the substance of the love of the Father and the reality of sonship in the Philippines. For whatever reason, the Filipino people have open and hungry hearts.

Another thing greatly impressed me; something which uniquely resonated with my heart and which I believe is on my life.

More than any other nation that I know of, the Filipinos have a uniquely advanced understanding of the Body of Christ. They are transcending labels and titles and working effectively for the unity of the Body. In the Philippines, they are seeing the Body of Christ as it is meant to be seen. There is an emerging ministry of true apostleship, whose function is to call forth the organic Body.

This gives an unprecedented grounding for the substance of the Father’s love and sonship to merge with.

While I was there, Holy Spirit enlivened something to me. Elisha, the prophet, requests for a musician to play, and as the chords resonate in the air, a prophetic muse comes upon him. He then speaks the divine word:

“Dig this valley full of ditches.” - 2 KINGS 3:16

They were to dig ditches and trenches because a supernatural flow was coming to fill them.

This applies to the Philippines. Trenches have been dug and are currently being dug. These trenches are:

  • Openness of heart in the people

  • Unity of the Body of Christ

  • Apostolic reality

As the water of the Father’s love surges in a torrent, it will fill the trenches that are already dug. I am excited to see and participate further in what is happening in the Philippines.

School of Prophets with James Jordan

In November it was my privilege to attend the ‘School of Prophets’ in Taupo, led by Mark Head. James Jordan was the main speaker at this, sharing from a depth of spiritual riches that God has wrought in him.

I loved being with brothers and sisters there, some of whom I have not seen for four or five years, but it was as if we had only seen each other weeks ago. The connection is undiminished by time and distance.

I was privileged to teach a session on the ministry of the prophetic.

Back to writing

Now I have a break from travelling. My next big trip is to Finland and Norway in February/March next year. I will also pop over to Belfast to see my dear parents.

I am getting back to writing, working on different projects. This takes time and dedication, but watch this space! Something (s) will come out in 2018!

New blog entries will also be published in the very near future.

Finally, I want to thank again all of you who support us financially! We are sincerely thankful for who you are and extend a special blessing to you.

(This post is dedicated to the memory of Marcia Doehring Skjaerlund, who was ushered into the divine presence on 20 November 2017. Deepest sympathy to David and the family.)

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