• Stephen Hill

God… in us

The current move of the Spirit in the Body of Christ has shown us who we are in God. The Body of Christ is increasingly coming into the revelation that we are ‘in Christ,’ that we are the Father’s beloved sons and daughters.

But the next wave to hit the Church will be this:

We will come into the revelation of who God is… in us.

It is one thing to know that we are in Christ but it is another thing entirely to realise that Christ is in us. The majority of Christians are looking outside of themselves for the presence of God. When we think of heaven we think of somewhere that is external to ourselves. It may seem very normal to feel and think that way but that is not what Christianity is ultimately about.

The New Covenant is intended to bring the reality of heaven and the presence of God into our hearts, to be experienced internally. The ramifications of grasping by faith that God actually indwells us are mind-boggling in their enormity.

What if we admitted and believed that the Spirit of God can actually indwell us? That you and I are the sanctuary?

What if we came to the realisation that we, you and I, are the Holy of Holies? I believe this is a major sticking point in contemporary Christianity. We just cannot believe that we, in our mundane ordinariness, are the Holy of Holies.

The tent and the temple were merely a shadow of the present reality of human skin, blood and bone. But that is what the New Covenant is; the real tent and temple is human skin, blood and bone.

The last words of the final verse of John 17 says, “…and I in them.” The question is then; what would you do if you realised that Jesus Christ and His Father are living inside you? Would you keep running around doing all the things that you do? Maybe you would start doing some things that you were too afraid to do?

If He is alive and real inside what would the evidence be? If something so amazing is in there why not let it express itself? I am talking about the life of God. Why is it not manifesting? Because it is locked up, or because it is obscured by something in front of it or on top of it?

Something to chew on…

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