• Stephen Hill

The grace of giving up

If you are guilty, stressed, striving, burned out, instead of rededicating yourself at the altar one more time – why don’t you just give up? Give up serving God, give up seeking God, give up the struggle to do His work, give up the fight to bring in His kingdom.

Why don’t you enter into the grace of giving up? Why don’t you surrender the effort? Find that He has already done it. He is coming to you. When you give up, He arrives. God is getting His will done through people who have ‘given up.’ God is using the quitters. The old mystics used to call a ‘quitter’ a ‘yielded vessel.’ Yielded people all over the world have given up only to find with utter joy that God’s approach to them was relentless.

People striving to find God and who never found Him, lying exhausted on the ground, found His relentless love and mercy bearing down upon them. Why don’t you enter into the grace of giving up and allow Love to find you?

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