• Stephen Hill

Thanksgiving to Abba

Father, You are my intimate Father and I am your son. In Jesus I live. In Him I exist and, wonder of wonders, He indwells me. How it is I cannot comprehend. It is a stupendous mystery but my faith reaches out and grasps it. I enter the realms of foolishness which are the greatest wisdom of all, as by faith I affirm and receive the reality that I am in Your bosom, in your precious, precious heart. That heart is so vast yet it is so exquisite. I am Yours and You are mine. I can relax now. You have placed within me, in my DNA, the very inheritance that You dream of, for You want to live Your life through me. You have given me back myself. What I surrendered in death has been given back in resurrection. I am more truly myself than ever. I am more centred, yet more dependent than I ever have been before. I sink into peace and rest as into a warm pool. My greatest desire is to be centred in You, and filled with peace and joy. Love is the air, the atmosphere. The Father’s love is the oxygen of the heavenly realm.

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