John: A prophetic revelation


My book John: A Prophetic Revelation is now available in Limited Hardcover Edition! 

If you would like to own this revelatory book on the Gospel of John in a beautifully printed, hardcover edition, then please fill out the form below and I will contact you soon.

Product description

“Stephen Hill’s commentary on the Gospel of John is rich with prophetic insight on the Father’s love. In it, he expands our understanding of Trinitarian Love and its role in creation, incarnation, sanctification and ultimately its cosmic ramifications. Yet, while exploring these profound subjects, he invites us into personal contemplation and experience of that Love. Written from a deep realisation of sonship in his personal life, Stephen’s work will broadcast the seeds of sonship into many an orphaned heart!”  

— Ed Piorek - Author and Speaker.


“Stephen speaks and writes with a prophetic edge that can, at times, be so sharp that we might reel from its intensity. He challenges many accepted ideas and popular teaching perspectives that we have accepted for long years, exposes them in the light of greater revelation from the Word of God, and then presents the truth in simple and obvious one-liners that is honestly joyfully wonderful.”  

— M. James Jordan - Founder of Fatherheart Ministries, Author and Speaker.

$70 NZD (free shipping)