“The inward turning to Him is easy, natural and effortless, because He is at your centre. He is drawing you.” 

- Jeanne Guyon


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Primal hope


Are you exhausted by sacrificial living and pursuing God? Are you tired of searching to find fulfilment in your relationship with God? Are you looking for a Christianity that really works?


This book is provocative and radical. But it will liberate you and bring you into hope that the Christian life does not need to be lived by your effort or energy. God Himself is the Initiator and Energiser of Christianity. Christianity is the life and love of God. The only thing that can set us free from guilt and condemnation is experiencing the substance of the Father’s love.


Primal Hope

  • shows that coming to the end of our striving can be the start of true freedom.

  • sets out the real difference between religion and Christianity.

  • injects us with hope that we can live confidently in our relationship with God.

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Creating a Shape


“I know that God loves me as a Father. But what do I do now? What is the next step?”


These are the questions that everyone is asking. How do we continue experiencing God’s love in our everyday lives?


This little book is about taking the next steps after transition, helping us explore our freedom as sons and daughters. It will open our eyes to see opportunity and expression all around us, in the exciting and in the mundane.

Order from New Zealand (by email inquiry)